September 2, 2009

Wrong, wrong, wrong - public confession time

The recovering perfectionist is slipping in so many ways. Bring on the wet noodles as I attempt to set the record straight on this and on that.

Forgive me Flint Journal, I was wrong about the building where the Blackstone's Pub and Grill recently opened. My husband and I ended a recent date day with tapas at 501 Bar and Grill in downtown Flint. That restaurant is across the street from Blackstone's, at 531 S. Saginaw and clearly not the building at 420 S. Saginaw that held the Greater Flint Arts Council after Roberts David Allan and neverhad a Blackstone's even. I mixed up the men's clothing stores when writing "Rookie professor: Jumping from newsroom to classroom." (Did you see that the "rookie professor" left a comment on the post?)

In my Aug. 29 post Moving is today's theme for Advance Publications Alabama properties, I told you that the Scot Stantis snowy cartoon was in his farewell post. That snowy 'toon was on Stantis' 'I'm leaving' post published Aug. 18. His farewell post - After 12 years, 11 months, I say goodbye is words only and published Aug. 30. A separate post holds his farewell cartoon.

His second day on the job and his work is on page one. Tim Lennox alerted me to that so you could make his day and visit his post and see the artwork.

I'm having a horrible time getting the correct spelling of Sahuaro Girl Scout Council. I think I got it right when I added a few more Twitter accounts for Girl Scouts in a June post.

The items are corrected in the original posts, but I doubt you go back to review them so I thought I'd share the updates here.


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