August 1, 2008

Journalists not first to start over

Sometimes, I can forget that the buyout-laid-off world of journalism is not unique. If I'm lucky I stumble across inspiration people, web sites, stories..

The Five Big Mistakes That Changed My Life and How I Moved Past Them

Marriage and fail in same week; she details 5 mistakes and moves on to Answers every comment.

While you are there see Jenny's Java video: 72-year-old who can't read does coffeeshop, finds tip thief.

Anything is possible. Anything can be overcome

July 31, 2008

Am I the beeping microwave?

The annoying microwave beep alerts you that the instant food is ready. It keeps bleeping until you stop it.

And now, thanks to an entry in Invoke that asks are you signal or noise, I'm going to hear the beep every time I share something online.

Is my thought signaling something important or am I only contributing noise?

Or do you need a new microwave?

See, it is your choice to buy the microwave with the annoying beep. You could have bought a different model. You don't have to follow me, be my friend, or read my blog.

Of course, it might be easier if I could stop struggling with why I share, where I share and what I share. One identity? Or many? One blog or many? Speak up or hush?

Did this comment stop me because I am like the girl mike "glemak" dunn's son knows:"she really didn't have anything to say, she was just looking for something to type"?

And am I doing that because I feel obligated to be a good community member, as instructed in this Friendfeed thread.

Or am I just listening to Jeff Pulver and countless others who suggest we need to discover - and share - our voices?

Pulver says this nicer, but I remember it this way:

If you don't speak up, people think you are a useless bore.

Should I listen to Pulver?

Share your experiences. Say what is on YOUR mind, not what you think the others want to hear. Getting the confidence to share YOUR experiences and YOUR opinions is hard. But once you master this technique, you will be a different person and will be treated differently by everyone around you.

Or should you go shopping?