September 4, 2013

Never say never: Ann Arbor News returning

Wait. Really. going, going, gone and Ann Arbor News is coming, coming, coming.

The announcement came today and so did the reactions.

I'm surprised it took this long to meld back into the  fold.  The return comes in a mere 8 days, according to today's announcement (AKA Letter to Readers) (A third online piece answers more questions, similar to what was posted when the rest of the Michigan Advance newspapers merged into

I'm glad that the Ann Arbor News name is coming back. To me, the name of indicated a web site about all things Ann Arbor, Michigan.

John Kroll puts together five thoughts about the ending of on his Digital blog, including praise for the initial bold move, higher praise for its handling of online comments, and a reminder about one of the better assets the site let go. (We're talking about Ed Vielmetti, an Internet old-timer and one-man news agency for his city, interests and communities..)

By the way, if you are still interested in what's happening with Advance and get tired of waiting for me to make public my thoughts or share some links John Kroll Digital blog is well worth your time. Maybe I say that because I like how he predicted his early retirement. while working for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. More likely I say go there because he writes about it frequently. ... he ended 27 years at the Dealer in 2013. Go John.

Of course, Free From Editors still remembers to share updates, including a link to a blogger's reaction to doings at the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Hint: Blogger loved newspaper's coverage of Castro, not so happy with digital version review of a cheesecake factory. Go. Read. Chuckle and thank Slate for bringing us this highlight from a crime blog.

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