March 3, 2010

Reaching the top: Now what?

Getting to the top is always a thrill. But then come the questions. What's next?

I made it to the top level of FarmVille, seven months after I started playing so that my daughter could get enough neighbors to get a larger farm. Since then, playing has become addicting and fascinating. Addicting because there are so many changes. Fascinating because, well, the changes but also why and how people play.

Here's what I wrote on FarmVille when I finally had enough points to become "World Fair Champ."
Made it! Level 70!

A hat tip to the mentors - Hussein, Sunil, Stephen and more; A thank you to all who helped with the fertilizing, the gifting, and creativity; A hug to all who encouraged me; A salute to all of you whose positive reactions encouraged me to keep on writing and sharing my thoughts.

This lark of a game reminded me how important new and old friends are, how important connections are, and why I've always loved the magic you can create online and off. Thank you for being my village, my community, my family.
  That's probably enough for now. I started with a bad attitude about this social media game. I ended up learning more than expected. I want to create the next one for Girl Scouts.

This blog post started on FarmVille

Bugged: Lasso the bull

Bugged? Of course. But I've driven too many miles this week and walked far too much. (Is it good news or bad news that the soft cast fits again?) to be able to make sense.

There are many more miles to drive and walk yet this week.

Still, I'm not sure how much longer I can toe the line, any line, before I say enough is... enough and take matters into my own hands. The Internet may be a wild place, but I'm ready to lasso the bulls.

This post was started on FarmVille, prompted by completing a bug collection. That completion lets me brag to my friends and give them a chance to get a bug for their collections. Completed collections mean FarmVille coins, points and a reward of fuel. Fuel lets you plant, harvest and plow faster.