March 9, 2019

ABC grandkids help grandma out

The fifth theme of Project Quilting’s 10th season is abecedarius. That sent this wordie on a search through Wikipedia, the dictionary and the Internet. 

Basically, an abecedarius is a special type of acrostic in which the first letter of every word, strophe or verse follows the order of the letters in the alphabet.

Fortunately, my daughter made this easy. First came Amelia. Then Baylor and Collin.

I finished up this 8-inch by 28 inch-wall hanging with a family portrait. 

The small project let me experiment with some June Taylor fabric, my ink jet printer and some iPhone apps. 

The challenge is issued on Sunday and you have one week to finish. Read more and see all the projects

This challenge quilt was made in Greeneville Tennessee.


January 27, 2019

Challenge met with the blues

Time for the Blues

 Progress. I finished the second challenge of Project Quilting in real life. We had one week to create a project that included only the colors red, white and/or blue.

This is the first time I have successfully sewn or embroidered since surgeries on both eyes starting in October 2017. (Not 2018 as originally posted). Only two needles, three threaders were lost during this project.

I pulled red, white and blue fabrics from my limited stash. But as you can see I only used the blues. Lucky me I could find the box of blue threads and flosses. Still not sure which of the boxes in the craft room or garage holds the lace motifs or charms so as crazy quilts go this is a rather plain block. Make that really plain for me.

Still despite a few days of sleeping around the clock, another day and a few sessions with the wonderful 2 year old granddaughter who no longer enjoys watching grandma stitch, I finished.

The 10.5 inch circle is encased in an embroidery hoop. Every seam is decorated with a stitch or trimming. Best of all, it is done. It was made in the house on the hill in Tennessee. 

While the world chooses its favorites from all finished projects, I hope to work on unpacking more of the boxes. Maybe. 
See all of this week’s entries and read about the challenge. You can even vote.

Detail of a few seams

December 25, 2018

Time to start stitching again

I hereby resolve ..,,, OK, I know it is Christmas and not the new year yet. But I cannot wait. I must get back to stitching, sewing and creating.

The ideas have been whirling in my head. My daughter expects to deliver twins iMarch 6. My fingers are ready. And the eyes?

The new eye doctor suggested I match glasses to tasks. That means buying a bunch of readers with different magnifications.  I will use one when writing on the laptop. Another set will work for hand stitching and reading. I will use a third for reading the newspaper.

Funny, I thought I was losing the glasses with the fancy lens implants.

Still, it was good to learn I can now use readers as much as needed. This is the best the eyes will get. It was unsettling to hear the new doctor disagrees with the diagnosis and what was done. But the world is brighter and less painful so something was right.

Four major projects planned:

1) finish repairing my sister-in-law’s quilt. Her grandmother made this well-loved quilt in the 1960s. The quilt of recycled materials was a reward for breaking a habit. But age and lots of use led to holes in the quilt. The blanket used as batting has turned to threads. The binding is barely there.

She wants to keep as much of the quilt as possible. But I have had to replace some blocks. I found some material in the quilt itself. I found some shopping on the Internet - thank goodness for fabric lovers. The owner also shared some from her stash.

Everything is pinned into place. Some stitching done. But I need to finish stitching the new pieces and blocks onto the quilt.

2) start - and FINISH - the 2019 crazy quilt challenge of  a block each month. Each block must be at least 8-inches by 8-inches. I still haven’t decided if I will use my collection of Japanese materials or finish the calendar hangings. The guidelines allow us to complete  a previous challenge. It would be nice to finish the UFO. But that stack of oriental materials is so compelling.

3)  complete a crazy quilt using 2,020 materials, stitches, dodads, and other embellishments.  The deadline for this challenge is Dec. 31, 2020.

I am combining this with a long-time dream of a fabric Christmas tree wall hanging.

Of course, I have other UFOs to finish:

1) Katie’s quilt using T-shirts collected through the years.
2)) A quilt for my husband
3) A Nativity quilt

... and so many more. Unfortunately, I haven’t unpacked the sewing room so I can’t list them all yet.