February 9, 2020

Crazy love: Finding a path to the heart

The challenge was to “Put a Heart On It.” That led me to a pile of red and pink fabrics and then to this: Crazy Love: Finding a path to the heart. After all, isn’t the path to love always crazy?

The finished piece is at least 12x12 (I am on the road so used a magazine to measure the piece.) It was created in Tennessee. My husband and I are doing the Ken Burns Country Music Passport tour. That took us to western Tennessee. We now have 4 of 22 stamps on our passports.  The stitching, yarns, laces, ric rack and more went on in between stops at Sun Studio and Beale Street in Memphis.  There was a stop at the Carl Perkins Visitor Center and one of the cabins he lived in as a child in Tiptonville. We spent hours at the Legends of Tennessee Music  Museum in Jackson. https://jacksoncarnegie.com/. I will update with links when I arrive home in middle Tennessee.

I was lucky. I had spotted the valentine bouquet fabric while assembling some greens for my 2020 project. I set it aside in hopes there would be a Valentine theme announced last Sunday. Put A Heart On It was close enough.

Read about Project Quilting and see what others did with the Theme this week. Happy stitching.