September 28, 2013

E- records bring fast results

Brain scan
It has been a rough month of tests for me. But Henry Ford Health Systems is the winner in my world.

Friday, I had an MRI and an MRA done of my head, brain and neck.

Saturday, the hospital notified me by email the radiologist's report for six scans was available for me to read. 

That means I didn't have to wait until Monday or later to hear from my doctor about the findings.  Yes, I still need to follow up for the next step. But it is reassuring to know now that at least one doctor was way off in his explanation of some medical challenges. 

The entire MRI visit was made better because of the electronic records. I had just been to the neurologist who ordered the tests. We had reviewed my medicines -- those I am taking and those I should be taking. All were in the system so I didn't need to repeat the list. I did not fill out any forms or repeat why the tests were needed.  I did have to show I was who I said I was, though I am not sure anyone would willingly show up at 6 am on a Friday. 
An open MRI machine similar to where I was for 90 minutes

The radiologist had access to an MRI done in 1994 for some comparison so that was a help too, especially with one of the findings.

I can't wait for more doctors and services to be online together. Right now, the patient has to coordinate care when more then one doctor is involved, especially if they are not in the same health system. We don't always know what to share. 

 An electronic record patients have access to could prevent errors -- I recently read a doctor's report that incorrectly listed my parents as dead. Another doctor's report listed 3 conversations we never had. (Trust me I would have remembered those warnings).

I'm ready.