September 4, 2009

Newspaper gets crime-fighting role

Gawker - hey, it's a fun read - and the New York Times Gadget blog were chatting about using a newspaper bag to protect your laptop. The $85 bags are called "the perfect repellent for criminally-minded urban digerati, much like the classical music piped outside convenience stores to discourage teenaged loiterers."

But over on the manufacturer's site I found this picture of a smaller bag against crime. The Barcelona design firm Mitemite also has a duvet cover with crime scene positions drawn out and lazy Sunday pants.

For much less, you can own one of my daughter's cancer-fighting purses made from Flint Journals. Meanwhile, she's done with radiation - and heading next week to Tennessee, where the job she left in December waits. (Translation: Blogging may be light.)

Here are some of the purses; more on Facebook. If you're interested, we can arrange delivery. She's even willing to make more if there's a special newspaper you want incorporated. (Translation: She hates owing money, but at least only her college loan is charging interest. I hate that she owes but we ended up concentrating on getting her cancer-free instead of doing another fund-raiser. Maybe later. Maybe not. Let's see how the payment plans work out. Or when I get my energy back.)


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