September 5, 2009

New j-school class: Investigative Twitter and other tales

Did you see this breaking alert from the Chicago Tribune intern who will teach a course focused on Twitter?

Gawker wrote about the class in Twitter 'Investigative' Journalism 101 and even included a copy of the syllabus.

The class actually is "Journalism 520: Digital Editing: From Breaking News to Tweets."

A news release says DePaul also is offering:

  • Niche Journalism: Examines the explosion in magazine and trade publication journalism that targets specific audiences with content designed exclusively for them.
  • Reporting for Converged Newsrooms: Equips journalists with ability to assemble and produce stories that can be published and distributed across integrated media platforms.
  • Backpack Reporting: Gives students the practical experience they need in news gathering and distribution within the converged landscape of electronic newsgathering.
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism: Focuses on how journalism students can create their own place on the Internet and become known as content specialists in particular niche areas.

Speaking of journalism classes, former Flint Journal editor John Foren stepped back into the classroom at Michigan State University. He's teaching computer-assisted journalism. The three-credit, 400 level is described as including "Electronic information gathering using online databases, videotex, bulletin boards, and public records. Research and reporting strategy. Development of computerized news gathering."He's already been called professor.

Speaking of jobs, John also wrote recently for The Center for Michigan - Connecting students to good jobs that DO exist. (He left his editor post July 31.)

See, everything is connected.


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