October 29, 2013

Return trip: Is it cancer again!

A mere 5 years ago, I was in Indianapolis for the 2008 Girl Scout convention. What a wonderful time. .... until I learned my daughter had breast cancer.  You all sent me off in a sea of love.

In a few hours, I leave once more for my daughter's place -- I am in Michigan, she is in Tennessee. 

This time I want to be with her when she hears the results of tests just ordered after an MRI found suspicious spots on her pelvic bone. 

The meeting with a new oncologist comes 5 years, 1 day after she first learned she had breast cancer.

She is working full-time, newly married and back in school for pre-reqs to become a physician's assistant.

She learned how to do breast exams while at a Girl Scout function.  

Girl Scouts helped her learn to speak up -- that skill is why she was first diagnosed and why the first test was just done. 

Her Gold Award project was getting children's books and other activities into waiting rooms of public health clinics. 

Your strength will once again go with me.  We are praying for the best outcome.