September 3, 2009

Scooped by site when content keeps flowing?

Wow. Talk about being watched. Nieman Journalism Lab over at Harvard University came out Wednesday with another post about

Joshua Benton suggested that the site architecture meant a top story didn't get top billing all day. Tuesday, Gina Chen wrote about what bloggers added to the site.

Benton wrote about this story: a business connection between the University of Michigan’s football coach Rich Rodriguez and a booster banned from another college football program.

The problem: Benton noted that the standard view has the newest postings floating to the top so this story was soon out of sight. A commenter reminded Benton that clicking the most popular button gets the story to the top again.

Ben Cohen, who interviewed chief content Tony Dearing for his Nieman post In Ann Arbor, designing a news site that doesn’t look like a news site, reminded us that keeping top stories top of mind was in the works.

Enjoy the post (with a site snapshot) and the comments. Don't forget to check the story.

Besides Chen's Community voices in Ann Arbor: a glimpse of local journalism’s future? on Neiman's site, Martin Langeveld wrote about the site in A new look for local news


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