October 21, 2013

Some good, some not; some old, some new

Today I found another good reason to write. Documentation of symptoms and feelings help me remember that relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis is a tale of repeats.

I'm trying to clean up this blog and ran across an unpublished entry from 2009 that works just as well today.

Good: I didn't scream when the saleswoman touched my foot after noting how swollen it was. But then she didn't comment on the black-blue shoe combination until I did.

The fact that my eyes once again had blurred colors, well that was bad. But certainly it is good that now I saw the difference.

I want to be positive. I want to see good - some good - in all. Heck, I probably have more "positive thinking" books then the "be organize" ones and I already knew I needed a book on organizing them
That was yesterday and today I am heading out the door now to get fitted for a new foot-ankle brace in an effort to avoid a cast and/or surgery.

Fortunately, I only have black shoes now.

I still have the positive thinking and get-organized books. The good news is I can read again. In fact, I've finished two books and a paper sack of magazines the past two days. Oh, happy days are here again.