March 2, 2022

Late to the party, but 100 day project starts

First, I saw the art friends were posting fast and furiously on Instagram and Facebook. Then I noticed the #100dayproject hashtag.

That led to the official website. The 9th annual push for 100 days of creativity began Feb. 13, 2022. 

Then I found Dar James’ video on Vimeo on the subject. That, and a re-reading of the FAQ encouraged me to start now instead of waiting until 2023. 

I decided I would stitch for at least 5 minutes a day for 100 days. I started Feb. 22, working on the blue Christmas ornament. 

I switched to a new ornament - the red and white one - when the new Project Quilting challenge was issued Feb. 27. I’ll write about that later.

Here are some photos:

I added some details to a motif I have been working for weeks

I started adding material and stitches

Then I switched projects. I started by cutting a ribbon filled with traditional candy. I arranged the pieces, then added fabrics.

More fabrics, three yo-yos and a cut-out circle.

More stitching