August 31, 2009

Oregonian's breast cancer series finalist with Wired in online news contest

A stark reminder of how different this summer is compared to last year's came today with the announcement of the finalists for the 2009 Online News Association's journalism awards.

Last summer, I helped pre-screen entries. It took a lot of time but I enjoyed seeing what organizations felt was their best work. I also found it frustrating as I often ran into pieces that didn't work or assumed I knew more then what was presented on the web site.

This summer, no pre-screening and no working on any ONA conference committees.

The Oregonian is a finalist for a 2009 Online News Association journalism award for its Pregnant with Cancer series in the multimedia feature division. The package of stories and videos follows a woman who was four months pregnant when she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. (You'll have to look, I stopped when I learned the baby survives and the mother does not.)

The only other Newhouse family property on the list is, which is a finalist in three categories. Its Danger Room is competing in the Online Topical Reporting/Blogging, Large Site, category and its Global iPhone Study is in the Outstanding Use of Digital Technologies, Large Site, category. The site also is a finalist in the General Excellence in Online Journalism, Large Site, category.

The winners will be announced at the Online News Conference on Oct. 3. You can check out the nominated sites.

I'm hoping for lots of Liveblogging and Twittering as I've decided to skip the conference, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary. It's in California and organizers are taking advantage of its San Francisco location by inviting folks like Leo Laporte, the Tech Guy. Twitter's CEO Ev Williams and Blogher's Lisa Stone to speak. But I'm spending my cash in other ways this year. As my daughter says, "tear."

Update: The Oregonian lost to, Quenching Las Vegas' Thirst
Wired also lost.

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