March 17, 2008

Buyout journalists, remember this ..

Don Fry over at Poynter Online offers some tips for those wondering what to do after the buyout at a newspaper.

So he tells us what we can do:
"You can read, write, think, talk, sort out what's important, remain ethical without crippling yourself, train people, inspire beginners and detect liars."
He tells us what business we were in:
"You were in the business of explaining things, the most valuable thing in the world. People who can help ordinary citizens understand their world are rare, and you're one of them."
But he can't answer this one:

"What do you really want to do? "
The answer to that moved Don from writing coach to sculptor.

In St. Louis, it led some to their own media.

It's led some journalists into public relations; some into teaching. So many possiblities.

Fry suggests finding some tough friends to push you on the answer. Or consider using some of the buyout money as a "development grant" and figure it out for yourself.

Don's post is similar to the take by the Recovering Journalist Mark Potts in his Sept. 25, 2007 post: Life After Journalism

There's a piece I've hung onto called "Helping Journalists Make the Jump."

But it all comes down to
"What do you really want to do? "
Or what do you want to be when you grow up this time?