January 30, 2008

New site up, time for rest of my life

Wow. How time flies. Just added up how many hours I've worked this week - 35 and it's only Wednesday. But a version of a new web page launched for the newspaper after a mere five months.

Now, others can tweak the concept. I know the next newspapers who will need to adapt to it will improve it. I still hope to bring some features that were planned back. (What was that joke about the results of committees? mmmmm)

(As I told my husband, today the only thing you can say right now is it is the best thing since sliced bread. Tomorrow - after I sleep at least eight hours - we can be truthful again. I'll share some of my thoughts and I'd like to hear yours.)

And I can start blogging again. I noticed I have 15 times as many drafts as posts. Ouch.