February 22, 2010

If I disappear .....

Someone is reporting I'm abusive on most of my online services, so if this blog may go again too

.... If it's you reporting, please why do you think so?

Update: I'm back and so is this blog though it will be moving shortly. I also hope to post soon about what happened and why.

February 21, 2010

Yes, I play FarmVille. Yes, I talk a lot. So what

I'm asking for help with this barn and with more.

If you don't like that I'm sharing thoughts here, or in my blog, realize you have the power. Tell me and I can take you off the farm list and you'll get no more notices via FarmVille.

Or go ahead, defriend me on Facebook. I hope you'll say good bye first. Your choice.

But here's the deal: I can stop. No, I won't stop.

Sharing, talking/chatting with you is what makes Facebook, FarmVille interesting to me. (oh, don't forget to click to help expand my barn.)

This post originated in FarmVille, a social media game that encourages blogging by providing prompts with each bonus, announcement and triump you are invited to share with your Facebook friends. This time I needed 10 people to click and help me increase the size of my barn so I could store more virtual items.

Use today for thanks

In the United States, today is Sunday, which means many will head to houses of worship for prayer, for community, and to give thanks to the God they believe in.

Let's all give thanks for that. Let's pray that each will live that love every day, spreading it to make our wold a better place.

This post was first shared on FarmVille.

Mixing it up: Gold + purple = friendship

Golden eggs kept popping in FarmVille today.  And that made me start singing that Barney song - you know the one. The the song that never ends.

That's how I see friendship. Sometimes, friendship is intense. Sometimes, less so. But a little care - an invite to chat, an apology, a shared story - can rekindle the spark.

Yet, how many sparks can one person handle at one time?

That's why friendship, like the song, never ends for me.

This blog post started on FarmVille, meaning while playing the game I was inspired to share a thought that went on and on and on. Like the song..

Make New Friends makes me sad today

I see a golden egg while on Facebook playing FarmVille and the song 'Make New Friends' pushes its way to the top of my brain.
"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold."
 And today, the song makes me sad. This friend thing? How come I still believe every friend is perfect?

Or why do I think people I spend time with are friends who won't harm me. It is scary how long some people carry a grudge or how quickly a new person enters your life enough to stomp your heart flat (thank you Steve Goodman for giving me such a visual representation of hurt.)

More verses are needed. Perhaps, several on keeping friends after making them.

This blog post started on FarmVille.

Bugged: Label of nice

What's bugging me?

I'm trying to decide why the label of 'nice' rankles. I don't like hearing "nice girl" or even "nice blog."

Suddenly, I translate that that nice into milk toast, watery oatmeal, or creamed tuna over mashed potatoes. Nice is what moms label the scribblings of toddlers. That's nice is what husbands who want to keep the peace mutter when wives dare to talk during the endless rounds of TV sports.

Me? I'm not so nice.

This post was started on FarmVille, prompted by completing a bug collection. That completion lets me brag to my friends and give them a chance to get a bug for their collections. Completed collections mean FarmVille coins, points and a reward of fuel. Fuel lets you plant, harvest and plow faster.