March 21, 2009

Oregonian Blogger: 'Enjoy weekend'

A 35-year-old who usually blogs about fitness in Oregon learned through a weekly newspaper that the Oregonian also is in line for news on Monday.

The paper reported:
“The Oregonian told staff last week it would share bad news with employees on Monday, March 23. Staff expects the cost-cutting news to include some combination of measures such as pay cuts, furloughs, layoffs or reductions in hours.”
But the blogger reported:
The Oregonian has not told staff .... Then we asked our bosses and Human Resources what they knew. Only THEN were we told that on Monday we will be getting a letter detailing some changes. But no one knows anything. I am sure that someone knows something but isn’t telling us.
There are no details, but there is anger.
"I haven’t given up on them. Why are they giving up on us?

"I don’t want to go to a meeting next week to be told what they cutting. I want to go to a meeting next week to be told what they are doing to help us grow. Maybe I’m living in a dream world. Seems like there is a lot of that going on these days."
Read 'em and weep or read 'em and hope.

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