March 18, 2009

Quick update on eyes, chemo treatments ...

Just a quick note so folks know I am alive, just climbing a few challenges that sometimes makes it hard to post. So the good news - the theory that I am ruining my eyes by spending hours a day (in many mini sessions) on a computer or even the iPhone's small screen cannot be proven and I am cleared to try again. There is a warning out there to not use your iPhone in a dark environment. That has led to some temporary eye problems for some folks though we have not found others who sometimes experience the feeling of a light-filtering shade after use. (I would give you a link to some of the effects but copy and paste on the iPhone is a to-come feature)

My latest eye tests, which included a dye that temporarilly left my skin yellow,, showed that blood flows nicely through the eyeballs and the optic nerves look great. This is good news for a person "lucky enough" to get multiple sclerosis. (Yes, I caught most of Oprah's show today - the one where MS and positive attitudes were featured.) More eyedrops, more tests and soldier on as that doctor sees improvements.

It has been awhile since I have said much about the one with cancer. I am exhausted after these weekly chemo visits - and I don't even get the drugs swishing through my veins. The cancer librarian was pleased I noticed the shelves had new books this week. I have started Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr and that is helping. I continue my six-week record of the financial person and the social worker being unavailable. Perhaps today they were celebrating St. Patrick's Day.

I saw that the one with cancer posted an update on Facebook so I share it with you - unedited.

"So I've had an allergic reaction to the one chemo I was taking which was Taxol and the doctors decided to switch me to a different one to finsh out on- I can't spell it to save my life but I can find it if ya'll want me to. The reaction was that it casued me to feel like i had itchiness all the time! It was awful like having ants crawl over ya all the time. Sooo the doctors are changing it to the new one and I was able to get a week off of no chemo! Whoo-hoo! The doctors said so that we can see if the itching dies down and i think because my counts are a bit lower and it will give then a chance to go up a bit. I'll still take this drug for 6 weeks and that puts me ending the last week of april then i have to wait 3 weeks for the surgery, followed by radiation. Its nice to have more of an idea...
Well ta-ta! Oh yea they can't feel the lump at all any more and my lymph nodes have gone down a ton - so alls good execpt for this stupid reaction....LOL

She still had Heparin today. And that new drug? Abraxane. The itching continued tonight, wrong choices on food today so we ended on a bad note - even though we found the last two Shopaholic books and one of those was finished by midnight.

More good news - she gained less then a pound this week.

OK, enough of the Inside turned Out. I have a big day tomorrow - more work on the insurance puzzle. Plus I am trying to figure out how the family can use our tickets to Jay Leno without totally stressing out mom or daughter and obeying all the doctors' orders. I'm thinking temporary seat-stand-ins and space suits or giant bubbles.


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