March 21, 2009

Sweet! Twitter Litter

FriendFeed sometimes serves as my "web newspaper." It's the place I can go when I have some spare time and can just "turn the pages" and stop on the articles that capture my eye.

Someone on FriendFeed led me to Don Dodge on Twitter Litter, most followers don't follow you

The post talks about those with hundreds and thousands of followers but it was the words Twitter Litter that stopped me.

A quick web search showed me that others have used the phrase, which sometimes is defined as a Twitter no one cares about. ... the fact that you had tomato soup for lunch holds no interest for me. I am, interested in your Tweet if you tell me more then "new blog post up." I like RT (retweets) if there's enough reason for me to click. Heck, the right arrangement of words - say Twitter Litter - can stop me too.

You can follow me on Twitter under mcwflint

I rarely share my lunch details, I usually forget to share my post topics, but I almost always have fun by RTing what others say, sharing links, and occasionally an observation.

If I follow you, you don't have to follow me back.

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  1. There are other websites better suited to how twitter users use the site. It's a shame because after two years I finally gave up on trying.

    It's time to go in search of real communities in other places.

  2. Agreed. There are better places and tools to create real communities.

    But the problem isn't Twitter. People use Twitter for different things and carry varying expectations. Plus, people can only use the tools in their toolbox. Not everyone is as willing to experiment and try new tools like us.

  3. Well I am an obsessive user. I love to experiment with all of these communities. That's why I should live in London rather than here. I need to find a way to use networks where online presence is the strongest element.

    Twitter, due to wide adoption has become an offline affair now. I'm in a relationship with the "social media" for as long as I'm single I think. There's no other way to describe it.

  4. Being single can leave a little more time online social networking. But virtual hugs can only go so far.

    Are you thinking of moving?

  5. If I move I don't think it'd be for the social media. I lived in London and although I could go to lot's of events I don't think that added too much.

    I just need to get more active locally and things should be more pleasant.

  6. Social networking online is so portable. If you could live anywhere, where would you go? Why?

    I first moved to Flint Michigan for its central location - four favorite places less then an hour away. The Internet expanded/s my network ... even allows long distance working.