March 17, 2009

A most unusual St. Patrick's Day

For many years, March 17 has been a day I celebrate with great joy. It is a family tradition. It a tradition of friends.

But not this year. I will try to be happy, wishing the luck of the Irish to my friend heading up the St. Paddy's Day festiviies in my adopted hometown. But I will save most of those wishes for my daughter who will drop the recommended chemo treatment, the one of proven success, for one we hope she can stand better. Or at least make her itch less. We'll see.

Hope for a fast turnaround. We have visitors from California coming to Michigan and hope to reassemble the gang of 5 at least twice during my sister's 10-day visit for her m-i-l's 80th birthday. If lucky, we will also have family from Florida.


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