March 20, 2009

Blogging 'kvetch:' Tough noogies and self-help for journalists

The Ink-drained Kvetch ruined a meal but pulled together an interesting set of links of Tough noogies and self-help for journalists.

I'd say head over there and read the post - and not just because there's a link back to me.

The once print and now online journalist creates an must-read blog of how to get journalists and journalism to a better place with just enough grit to make you think you're sharing a beer or coffee, not sitting in a classroom or church.

This post started with The Economist's leader on the "jobs crisis" and shared a few snippets:
"An American who loses his job today has less of a chance of finding another one than at any time since records began half a century ago. . . .

"Morever, many of yesterday's jobs, from Spanish bricklayer to Wall Street trader, are not coming back. People will have to shift out of old occupations and into new ones. . .

"The bare truth is that the more easily jobs can be destroyed, the more easily new ones can be created."

The post continues:.

All very sobering realities for displaced journalists, who aren't exactly getting a lot of sympathy for alluding to their plight so frequently. Even in the wake of the closures of newspapers in Denver and Seattle, and the possibilities of more in Tucson and San Francisco right around the corner.
Keep reading to find comments inspired by media economics expert Robert Picard telling the journalistic set what to do and moves on to list some resources for journalists. Oh yeah, there's a link to my post on the study for journalists who have left at least one newspaper.

Head over there for some insights.

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