October 4, 2009

Pink Power: Black and white and pink all over in Huntsville, Alabama

Pink should be everywhere in one Alabama town during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Every day in October, the Huntsville Time in Alabama will feature one story connected to breast cancer. It kicked the month off by printing on pink paper, and putting a pink ribbon and pink lights on its building.

The Advance Publication also will add to its Think Pink page online throughout the month.

Plus the newspaper plans to donate to breast cancer fighting efforts a share of any October print ad that includes a pink ribbon.

A local Huntsville car dealer is distributing pink ribbon car magnets. A local hospital helped pay some of the extra costs of printing on pink paper.

A similar effort by the Augusta Chronicle in Georgia inspired the project, editor Kevin Wendt said.

Check the Think Pink page for a daily story about a breast cancer survivor as well as articles on events, advances in treating breast cancer treatment, and related subjects.

An entry in the Perfect Moment Project blog congratulated the paper for making such a bold move.

I want one more bold move - at at least one of the featured survivors is under 40 so that more people learn that breast cancer can happen to that age group so that no other woman needs to go four months before the doctor will test a breast lump. I'm sure the Young Survival Coalition can help identify someone in that age group.

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