October 5, 2009

Online-only effort launches in Holly

Two journalists with Flint Journal ties recently launched an online effort, the Holly Express.

Vera Hogan, who started in January 2008 as an editor for the Community Newspapers and left May 31, has teamed up with freelance writer Amy Mayhew to start the new effort that focuses on what's happening in the small town in Oakland County.

The two met five years ago and say they would have loved to continue working for a newspaper. But this effort, launched about two weeks ago, is going so great that they had to come with a plan for advertising sooner then expected, Vera said. Still, she expects it will take longer for the two to draw a salary as they plan to pump the money back into the operation for now.

Read more on  the about us page. Originally, the two planned to also cover nearby Fenton but decided to pull back and focus on one community for now.Read more about that in welcome column, where Amy and Vera also introduce two columnists.

Their slogan: Keeping you on track with local news


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