October 9, 2009

Advance's New Orleans site partners with local TV station

A New Orleans TV station will provide breaking news, sports and weather video for NOLA.com, the online home for the Times-Picayune newspaper. Both win - WDSU-TV gains web audience and NOLA adds more video to its Advance Internet web site.

WDSU-TV, which announced the agreement, effective Oct. 9, on its web site said it also will contribute health reports and investigations from its I-Team. The station, however, will keep and run its own web site.

NOLA general manager Mark Rose said the partnership helps supplement content provided by the Times-Picayune and the NOLA staff.

Meanwhile, bloggers are reporting that all Times-Picayune staffers were offered buyouts,  No details were published but the possibility has some, like Karen Gadbois, worried folks will "watch the Times Picayune sink into irrelevance" as the staff shrinks.

Employees at The Times-Picayune, like the other newspapers in the private Advance Publications, face the likelyhood of layoffs when the company ends its job pledge in February.


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