October 4, 2009

Checking a list: Newhouses still on Forbes richest list

The writer behind  Freefromeditors:  came back from a well-deserved vacation in Hawaii and reminded us Someone in the Newhouse chain is still doing well  though not a well as they once were.

The 400 Richest Americans, according to Forbes , has Si Newhouse is #52. I can't tell if he's down $3.5 billion or $4.5 billion as the facts box says one thing and the paragraph says another. Donald Newhouse is at #65, with net worth down $4 billion.

Another Flint connection is on the list, Tom Gores at #147. His worth is down and he lost a three-year battle to get Delphi. I wrote about him in Flint connected: Union Tribune's, Delphi plants' new owner. Guess my post headline overstated things.


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