July 21, 2009

What? You're only on Facebook, not Twitter. Oh dear, are you retired already?

I'm still recovering from migraine mush mixed up with "You Will Rest, MS" so you get this reminder about how fast media changes these days. Laughter heals, right?

Start with the video and then skip down to read more about Facebook musings.

By the way, before I get all serious on you Ben Walker is looking for 50 Twitter messages to set to music. Learn more on his blog, I Hate Mornings.

Speaking of music, DigiDave really helped make up my missing the 10th annual Flint Folk Music Festival this weekend with his great post of converting journalism bloggers into musicians. Susan Mernit as Carol King? Jeff Jarvis as Pete Townshend? Or go and check how he nailed so many. Share comments.

We had some dueling laptops tonight as my start page isn't my daughter's and I wasn't following her instructions very well when she directed me to an article about Facebook dying 'cause too many "old people" are joining. She wanted me to read Is Facebook Past Its Prime. Oh. MSN can be so confusing.

We both agree "young people" are not going to Twitter.

In this household the two under 30 don't Twitter and the two over 50 do. (Or make that three over 50 since I twitter publicly at mcwflint or mcwgs, if you prefer Girl Scout-type tweeting.)

Facebook gets 1 under 30 and 2 over 50, MySpace gets two heavy users under 30 and 1 light over 50, blogging gets two of us - one on each side of the 30 divide.

I'm the only one on FriendFeed, where in some recent migraine mush moments, I managed to unsubscribe some folks when I meant to subscribe to them. (I'm hoping they were not folks drawn to my feed because this blogger labeled me one of 10 interesting FriendFeeders to follow. Of course, he didn't say anything about skill, just that I find "Journalism, New media, Health Care" interesting.)

(Reminder to self if I'm so unfortunate to get another one of the four-day headbangers, don't go on FriendFeed, don't write emails to men in charge of the large ink pots no matter how irritating the errors are, don't post comments on blogs, and stay away from Twitter and Facebook until at least eight hours after the last dose of meds. You'll keep more friends/followers/links/lives.)

Thanks to Mashable for the Top 5 Twitter Songs.

I think I need more sleep. Or is that caffeine?


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