July 16, 2009

Wishing not working so daughter must wait on cancer fix

The space shuttle has nothing on my daughter as her launch into radiation was delayed. Again.

The "vacation" between surgery and radiation for my daughter has been filled with tests to ensure her heart can handle the next steps necessary to fight late stage three cancer. Toss in some measurements needed as part of a study - long, long days at the cancer center or in the nuclear medicine area.

I could bore you with details on infections - hers. husband's, a dog.

Instead, here is her posted status Wednesday:

"Just my luck- surgery hasnt healed enough to start radiation - 1 more week to wait - partly from all the chemo :("
She could have mentioned fatigue or some of the other side effects.

It is now a year since my daughter found the first tumor. I am in my ninth month of full-time caretaking. No one in this family trained for a 10k. How did we get entered into a marathon

Still, it is only a week in a lifetime of weeks. September is a month of starts for many. Why not us?


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