July 23, 2009

Dancing on the grave: How can nothing be better then something?

So nothing is better then something? That seems to be the reaction of some commenting on the last stories of the final edition.

The comments on stories
of the final edition puzzled the Ink-StainedWretch. In Death to the news, the journalism professor, who was an editor of three newspapers says:

"I understand that problem. We tend to overlook viewpoints that support our own because we view those as reasonable and correct. We tend to remember those that oppose our point of view because they seem so extreme and wrong-headed. That’s just human nature.

But what I don’t understand is that some people don’t see the paradox of their celebrating the death of an outlet in which to express their views. The daily Ann Arbor News published comments from people cheering its demise. Tomorrow, those people won’t have that option. How is that a good thing?"

So let's speak of good things - a daughter who loves me and knows me. After today's radiation treatment, she stopped at a newspaper box and picked up one of the last newspapers to carry the name Ann Arbor News.

It was a pleasant surprise on a day that multiple sclerosis has delivered another one-two punch to my body. Or is it the heat that delivered the punch that wakened the ms?


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