July 25, 2009

In love: Blogging leader skillful in reply

The directness of a reply to a criticism is exactly why hiring a long-time, curious Internet user was/is a good decision for a news organization.

I first heard about a Tweet criticizing an Arbor Michigan, company for painting its logo on sidewalks. A quick response explained that the logos were chalk, not paint.

The mumblings may have first been posted on Ann Arbor Chronicle's Stopped. Watch. page. where "stories are observations recorded by various Correspondents for The Chronicle in 140 characters or fewer."

Edward Vielmetti, who knows how to find information, responded to the mumblings with Sidewalk chalk is not a crime - AnnArbor.com

In that post, he shares the city ordinance, a video on the day chalk art took over Grand Rapids, Michigan, and another featuring the work of Ann Arbor born artist Kurt Wenner, "who creates the illusion of 3-D images in his anamorphic street paintings."

In comments, that include a comment implying classiness, not legality, is the real issue, Ed and others adds some more links to policies and chalk art.

(Those with long memories or good RSS readers will remember that the site's content leader Tony Dearing told us chalk was a planned marketing tool in a July 3 posting now off the site.
"We're working with an award-winning local marketing agency, re:group, to develop a campaign that will include billboards, posters, radio, bus wraps, Facebook advertising and street marketing that involves everything from chalk ads to coffee sleeves.")
That's how the content rolls when you open the "presses" to people who listen in the community.

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