July 26, 2009

Final words on Ann Arbor News

I'm heading to Ann Arbor today to pick up a paper copy of the first AnnArbor.com print edition. But first, let me share a few more links about the closing of the Michigan newspaper.

Innovations in Newspapers says the Ann Arbor News was dead long before it closed. AnnArbor.com came out with "Local community saddened by closing of the Ann Arbor News." (Its earlier stories on the closing are in either land - all earlier blog entries disappeared.)

A Chicago Tribune columnist writes the "Requiem for the hometown newsaper," speaking with a former neighbor Geoff Larcom, who worked for The Ann Arbor News for 24 years.

The Ann Arbor News coverage of itself includes:
I earlier pulled together many links to the coverage in a Community says goodbye post, including videos of Ann Arbor staff members and the community.

It looks like mlive.com is pulling in a feed from AnnArbor.com to replace what the Ann Arbor News once did to cover the community.

But there are a few kinks to work out, so we know who is writing what.

AnnArbor.com also is linking to some features on mlive.com, at least temporarily. That linking includes an entertainment calendar.


  1. Yes ... please tell us about the look of the 'new' product.