March 12, 2009

Twittering, Digg makes late night tv talk

Wow. This tech stuff is hot.

First, Ellen Degeneres and Jay Leno start talking about Twitter and Facebook.

Then, on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon there's Kevin Rose and Alex Albrech discussing how Digg works. They even bring out four laptops - three Macs and 1 PC - to show folks how to Digg something. Somehow, I think that more folks saw that then when Fallon appeared on Dignation. But I can see that Fallon would watch Dignation, as it is "a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories."

By the way, an audience member got a big boost in Twitter followers. Folks were asked to get Bryan Brinkman more popular than the president by following him at Last I looked, he had more than 12,000 followers. At the start of the show, he had 7.

Thanks to a post on Twitter picked up throughFriendFeed, I finally found out what number I am .... at least with the name I'm using these days - mcwflint. Supposedly, I am member number 9,131,322.

Here's how Ian D. Nock says to find it: If you hover over the RSS feed link you get a link to ....number.rss where number is your member id. Ev is 20, Dorsey is 12”

Enough. Time for sleep. (please)


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