March 12, 2009

Few would miss local newspaper

Did you know that nearly 7 of every 10 Americans say they could easily live without a local newspaper.

The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press opened its report on the study this way:
"As many newspapers struggle to stay economically viable, fewer than half of Americans (43%) say that losing their local newspaper would hurt civic life in their community "a lot." Even fewer (33%) say they would personally miss reading the local newspaper a lot if it were no longer available."

The same study asked where people get their news:
"About two-thirds (68%) say they regularly get local news from television reports or television station websites, 48% say they regularly get news from local newspapers in print or online, 34% say they get local news regularly from radio and 31% say they get their local news, more generally, from the internet."

Nearly 85 percent of Americans are at least aware of the struggles of newspapers, but this report shows why you won't see much concern in the communities that will be without local newspapers.


  1. I hate, hate, hate reading my paper online. I'm 53, not geriatric, and I so very much prefer the paper version, and having it delivered to my door. But then, I don't own a cell phone or a TIVO either. Just call me old fashioned.

    Besides, the television news is so biased and incomplete, it's ridiculous.

  2. Do your kids agree?

    I wish newspapers were staying. I wish more of the newspapers were different. On road trips, it was fun once upon a time to get a new one in every town. Then, each newspaper started being filled with the sames stories.