March 10, 2009

Plain Dealer publisher says online report of paper's imminent demise is 'baseless' -

Cleveland Plain Dealer Publisher Terrance Egger says a rumor about its closing is wrong.

"Every plan we have for the immediate future is to make that work," he told Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Patrick O'Donnell.

O'Donnell also said that Egger wonders why no one asked him for comment.

Despite that, O'Donnell says the original writer who said the Cleveland news operation was one of 10 likley to fail in 2009 sticks by prediction.

"Douglas McIntyre said he talked to sources, whom he declined to name, at Advance Publications, as well as other industry experts for the story. He said he had no sources within management of The Plain Dealer itself.

McIntyre said he chose The Plain Dealer based on financial issues with Advance, with declining advertisements in The Plain Dealer and with the state of Cleveland's economy."

Many in the community are talking about the prediction, with some of the commenters blaming the internet for the newspaper's woes while others cite the city's decline. At least one person warns that the newspaper can't keep cutting staff and offering its paying customers less unique local news.

I found it interesting that the publisher said the newspaper did make money in 2008 and expects to do the same in 2009.

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