March 13, 2009

Blogger unhappy with shrinking Oregonian

The Red Electric blog doesn't like the fact that The Oregonian, published by the same parent company as The Flint Journal, moved its business coverage into the front section. Rick Siefert shared 7 suggestions in "Some uninvited advice for The Oregonian, including:
  • Call it the Economy, not the Business section
  • Cover the economy with the same depth that sports is now covered
  • Start talking with other news organizations and institutions about the future of Portland journalism and put together a plan for serving the public.
  • Stop referring to the University of Oregon/Oregon State rivalry as a war — specifically a "Civil War."
By the way, be curious once you're reading his blog. For instance, he shared a quote on Frank Sinatra and the press that was in “Why Sinatra Matters” by Pete Hamill.
“Sinatra’s idea of paradise is a place where there are plenty of women and no newspapers,” said Humphrey Bogart, who was sixteen years older than the singer and a kind of hero to the younger man. “He doesn’t know it, but he’d be better off if it were the other way around.”
And he's into typewriters, so you get posts like this Failed foresenics on History Detectives (Ernie Pyles typewriter?) and a slew of posts on Ace Typewriters


  1. I love the Bogart quote. Well, Bogart said it so it must be good.

  2. May I suggest the 1952 film Deadline USA then for your next cleaning spree?