March 27, 2009

Half the facts enough for Jersey Backup

Is The Jersey Backup filling a void by providing all the news and half the facts?

My husband will be so sad to learn NJ Phasing Out Traffic Circles, Introduces Concave Polygons. He's soooo into traffic.

Here's the description of the site, which the Baristanet says is run by a former employee of The Star-Ledger and Maplewood Patch identifies as Gary Saitz
We know you want your New Jersey news unfiltered, with just as much toxicity as you’d find at the bottom of the Passaic River. So we’re here to help. Real news may give you facts. The Jersey Backup gives you the truth.
The about page clearly explains the intent:
The Jersey Backup is the latest incarnation of what has been a long and proud lineage of muckraking publications. It all started in 1879 with the Bloomfield Bullshitter, which bravely noted former general and current Gov. George Brinton McClellan lost a key battle during the Civil War to a herd of poorly shorn sheep.

In the ensuring years, the publication bounced around the Garden State and was variously known as the Denville Dissembler, the Hamburg Humbug and the Jersey Journal. All the while, its staff kept true to the enduring belief that all New Jersey residents should know that what they’re reading is absolutely, positively, 100 percent true."
Check out the news.
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