March 28, 2009

Could Advance workers tap into job perk?

Any chance that employees of Advance Publications affected by salary and job cuts can take advantage of a new American City Business Journals relationship?

The press release promises:

"... a free detailed and in-depth, professional online career evaluation to all users.

"Those completing the free online career evaluation will also be given free access to additional career resources such as job hunting skills tests, search agents, sample resumes, sample cover letters , career site reviews and much more.

The career services are an extension of business information services, the press release says.

'Our focus has always been to deliver the kinds of information that enable opportunity; we've simply applied those same principles to our career services,' says Michael Montoya, Vice President of Product and Business Development at

The American City Business Journals are in 40 markets (none in Michigan). The release also says company employs more than 550 business journalists.

By the way, DigiDave recently suggested reading "An open letter to journalists: You have an amazing career opportunity on the Dark Side" Check it out.

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  1. You are doing a wonderful job giving people ideas for the post-Booth world.

    Keep it up!