March 25, 2009

Facebook quiz leads to post-journalism jobs

"Take a buyout? Get laid off? Or just plain quit your media job? Find out what you should do next."

That's the intro to a new quiz on Facebook. Go ahead. Answer 10 questions like:
  • What was your proudest moment in journalism?
  • What do you do when you hear sirens?
  • How many times have sources called your editor?
  • Turn your keyboard upside down and shake. What comes out?
Some have been told they should become bartenders, hacks, and flack, a position that comes with this message:
"You're destined for the dark side. The good news: the money is better. The bad news: your soul is sold."
What kind of post-journalism job should I get? -- click here to find out!

Don't like the questions or answers? There's a link so you can create your own quiz.


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