March 28, 2009

Do you have a road map to tomorrow?

To live "perfect life" you need to define that life first. That's the advice from a journalist who now works on the business side of the business. In "Decide what you want and declare it," she shares:
"When I hear people complaining about their jobs, I encourage them to make a list of attributes of their perfect job. I did that before I landed my position three years ago, from wanting to work at company I respected and that would look good on my resume to wanting an office with windows and the ability to listen to music at my desk. I got nearly everything on my list, including pay and vacation time."

A related post by the blogger Colleen Newvine Tebeau, who grew up in Saginaw, Michigan, and posts in the Newvine Growing blog is:

Don’t do what works for other people — make your list in a way that works for you

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