February 21, 2010

Bugged: Label of nice

What's bugging me?

I'm trying to decide why the label of 'nice' rankles. I don't like hearing "nice girl" or even "nice blog."

Suddenly, I translate that that nice into milk toast, watery oatmeal, or creamed tuna over mashed potatoes. Nice is what moms label the scribblings of toddlers. That's nice is what husbands who want to keep the peace mutter when wives dare to talk during the endless rounds of TV sports.

Me? I'm not so nice.

This post was started on FarmVille, prompted by completing a bug collection. That completion lets me brag to my friends and give them a chance to get a bug for their collections. Completed collections mean FarmVille coins, points and a reward of fuel. Fuel lets you plant, harvest and plow faster.


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