February 20, 2010

Bugged by too much information?

It bugs me that I am right. TMI - too much information - is not just those dreaded reports, those Facebook statuses, that make us shudder. For instance, why would anyone thing anyone wants toknow there is no toilet paper via Facebook, or Twitter or Friendfeed.

TMI also is the running of the mouth, the emptying of the brain and heart, the uncensored thoughts of struggle that reveal far more then intended.

TMI is the speeding police cruiser on my highway of information. Speed and pursuit of a vehicle blinds the officer to obstacles, to signs of warning. Only a crash stops the pursuit. Or a block.

How silly I believed that sharing doubts was OK. How ironic that the last message you send  says don't worry.

This post was started on FarmVille, prompted by completing a bug collection. That completion lets me brag to my friends and give them a chance to get a bug for their collections. Completed collections mean FarmVille coins, points and a reward of fuel. Fuel lets you plant, harvest and plow faster.


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