January 6, 2010

Oregonian now Stickel-less

The Birmingham News without a Hanson for the first time isn't the only Advance Publication newspaper starting the new year without a long-time family member.

The Oregonian's management is now Stickel-less for the first time in 42 years as Patrick Stickel, who was president retired Dec. 30. His father Fred Stickel retired as publisher in September. (Still working as a writer is Fred's daughter Bridget Otto.)

Also posting about the quiet retirement was The Oregonian and Oregon Media Central. The Oregonian piece

No one said what the 59 year old plans to do, though The Oregonian post did talk about his involvment with the arts so maybe he'll follow the lead of former Grand Rapids Press editor Mike Lloyd.

Patrick is leaving with optimism, telling The Oregonian that a rebounding economy will bring back advertisers to the newspaper's print and Web pages.
"The value of what we're selling has worked for the past 40 years, the past 20 years and it still works today."
No update on what Fred Stickel, 88, is doing.


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