January 5, 2010

McDermott's 'last conversation' at Republican looks behind, ahead

Larry McDermott, who just retired from his last Advance Publications role, left behind "One last conversation before we go "

No one should be surprised that he anticipated the questions that his retirement cartoon - a man without helmet and his dog on motorcycle - might provoke.

No one should be surprised by what he said his goals over the years were:
  • Go after the truth – don’t stretch it.
  • Don’t be afraid to report the bad news, or to pursue information that a few elected officials and bureaucrats would prefer to keep secret.
  • Hold officials accountable but also recognize their good work. Remind readers that there are many among us who are far less fortunate and need a helping hand.
  • Work every day to make the newspaper better, to shine a light where there is darkness, both as a daily conveyor of local news and as the most effective tool for businesses to reach their prospective customers.
No one should be surprised either by how he ended his column: Praise for the staff.

George Arwady, most recently at the Newhouses' Star-Ledger in New Jersey, will replace McDermott at The Republican in Springfireld, Mass, as announced earlier.


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