August 27, 2009

Girl Scouts getting more social day by day.

The Girl Scouts are moving into Facebook nearly as fast as they Twitter.

They are recruiting volunteers, looking for former members, and sharing ideas about programs. Some Girl Scout pages are filled with requests from parents looking for ways their girls can join the best leadership training program in the world. (Yes, my blood is green.)

At least one council is offering a week at camp as an incentive to answer a survey. At least two councils use road races to help generate funds for programs for girls between the ages of 5 and 18.

A few might want to rethink how they are registered - I was checking my update settings and notice four are listed in the category of Bars and Clubs. I think they were looking for the non-profit group, where most Girl Scouts hang out today.

I like how some are going beyond the standard Girl Scout logo for their avatar. I've included three in this post. There are more like the Michigan one below that use a map to show the location of the newly formed council. At least one is encouraging indulgence of the Dairy Queen Thin Mint Blizzard.

It also is obvious that many volunteers are like me - impatient with our piece of the Girl Scout world is behind and start their own pages. Then, someone notices what a handy tool Facebook or Twitter might be and starts an official page so suddenly we have two organizational pages.

(By the way, there isn't a Girl Scout council in the nation that wouldn't love to have you volunteer - work with the girls, the computers, or maybe even help with developing a blog or some other online communication.)

Check out these posted social media guidelines - clearly based on the Girl Scout Law.

At least once council representative needs to know that Facebook doesn't let you leave anonymous comments on pages or delete your last name either.

Look! It's official. Girl Scouts of the USA is on Facebook. In fact, the remake of its web site puts Facebook, Twitter and the Girl Scout blog out front. There are even links to YouTube channel and Flickr.

Here are some more Facebook sites - council ones for the most part.Let me know if I missed your council's page. I've also collected these on a Facebook page - Girl Scouts Online. - a place to tell you who is online now. See Fan page favorites.
  1. Atsugi Girl Scouts
  2. Girl Scouts–Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, Inc.
  3. Girl Scouts - Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas
  4. Girl Scout Commonwealth Council of VA
  5. The Girl Scout Council of Central New York
  6. Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast
  7. Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta - added Aug. 27
  8. Girl Scout Council of Greater New York
  9. Girl Scout Council of the Florida Panhandle
  10. Girl Scouts Heart of the South
  11. Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida, Inc.
  12. Girl Scouts, Hornets' Nest Council
  13. Girl Scouts Louisiana East
  14. Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines, Adult Volunteers
  15. Girl Scouts of Maine
  16. Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council
  17. Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast
  18. Girl Scouts of Central Texas (official)
  19. Girl Scouts of Citrus Council
  20. Girl Scouts of Colorado
  21. Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa & Western Illinois
  22. with its Camp Little Cloud
  23. Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts
  24. Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  25. Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma
  26. Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania
  27. Girl Scouts of Frontier Council
  28. Girl Scouts of Gateway Council, Inc
  29. Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa
  30. Girl Scouts of Greater Iowa, Tabor IA Troops
  31. Girl Scouts of Gulfcoast Florida, Inc.
  32. Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia
  33. Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore
  34. Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana
  35. Girl Scouts of Laredo Texas
  36. Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore
  37. Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys
  38. Girl Scouts of Moccasin Bend
  39. Girl Scouts of Nassau County
  40. Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails
  41. Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama
  42. Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York added Sept. 22
  43. Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois
  44. Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana-Michiana
  45. Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey
  46. Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland
  47. Girl Scouts of Orange County
  48. Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington, Inc. (official)
  49. Girl Scouts of Raintree Council, Inc.
  50. Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council (Official)
  51. Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council
  52. Girl Scouts of South Carolina - Mountains to Midlands
  53. Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama
  54. Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama
  55. Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas
  56. Girl Scouts of Suffolk County
  57. Girl Scouts of Tanasi Council
  58. Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay Council, Inc.
  59. Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains
  60. Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland
  61. Girl Scouts of the Sierra Nevada
  62. Girl Scouts of Utah
  63. Girl Scouts of West Central Florida
  64. Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma
  65. Girl Scouts Western Oklahoma
  66. Girl Scouts of Western Washington
  67. Lake Orion Girl Scouts
  68. Medway Girl Scouts of G.S. Eastern Massachusetts
  69. Sahuaro Girl Scout Council
  70. World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
  71. Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
  72. Girl Scout Leadership Institute
  73. Girl Scouts of the Philippines
  74. Girl Scouts
  75. Lakeland Guiding Lights Girl Scouts

I've written some more about Girl Scouts. Read some posts or learn more about my Girl Scout past.


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