July 14, 2009

Hirten: Practice what you teach, MSU | Lansing State Journal

Lansing Michigan editor M Hirten gets the real fail at Michigan State University.

The College of Communication Arts failed the most basic principles of public relations. That failure will haunt the school as it seeks new students, new funding and even new staff.

The new dean keeps blundering each day she postpones talking to the students of the school and the student newspaper

The dean and journalism school director need to talk sooner then later and figure out ways both win. Does Jane Briggs-Bunting head the curriculm change, the Tandem Project and Redesign the News series? What about the centennial celebration?

Can Dean Pam Whitten quickly find someone to lead the school? Or take over the projects if that's the beef?

Show the students, the campus, the alumni how pros communicate and get past the crisis. Silencing the Twitteting and blogging is as equally wrong as a poorly executed plan that is still failing 14 days after its horrendous start.

Enough is enough.


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