July 31, 2009

Fascination with journalists, jobs leads to suggested reading

Stroll over to Free From Editors if you want to read about the newspaper days when
"... you would get drunk and screw up and get fired, but it wasn't a big deal because you would go to another newspaper."
Jim of L-Town starts with a tale from his dad about reporter John Clark and gangster Mickey Cohen in "a story from the "Front Page" " and embellishes with some findings from a Google search.

If you want to know more about journalists of today, Charles Apple continues his tradition of wishing folks in the field a happy birthday with biography posts.

Or perhaps you're more interested in a job in journalism. Jim of L-Town had a request for journalism job resources on a day when emailing, not commenting or posting, was in the realm of my possibility. I sent him my hot list - hey, a girl can dream - and Jim pulled them together in a post.

Tonight, I sent him a link to another - Scooping the News, which also posts five newspaper jobs a week.

Speaking of scoops, make sure you know where you are online before you interview for a job. It's an uncomfortable feeling when a prospective employer is the first to tell you about your 3,000 posts on a Staten Island web site


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