June 30, 2009

Girl Scout cookie baker going very green

A Girl Scout quilt I fell in love with last fall will soon show up even more places.

A portion of the "Green is in My Nature"quilt is in a bag made from recycled plastic bottles for ABC Bakers, which makes Girl Scout cookies. The bag is a cookie incentive, distributed to Girl Scout staff who were at the recent product meeting in Reno, Nevada. The bags will work their way into the hands of girls who can earn them by selling Girl Scout cookies in the upcoming Girl Scout year.

Read more in Twisted Sister: Artwork by Jamie Fingal: Girl Scout Ecco-Bag - so cool!

The artist also wrote about the quilt in January 2008 and in September 2008, just before the quilt was to appear the 51st National Girl Scout convention. (Looks like I never finished the post about the quilt on the exhibit floor for ABC Bakery -- the company bought the quilt -- for Convention Talk. Sorry.)

Others have written about "Green is My Nature,",including And Sew It Goes. Read more about the show (and see more quilts from that) in Gerrie Condon's blog, Crazy for Fiber.

Girl Scouts of Orange County is extremely fortunate that Jamie Fingal willing raised funds for them. She has created other Girl Scout-themed quilts, including one created for the 40th anniversary of Camp Scherman , a great miniquilt of Juliette Low, and the Courageous, Confident, Character quilt.

Her December 2005 Girl Scout quilt is memorizing. Read the recipes names - Sister of Gold Martguerita, Friendship Squeeze Martini, Girl Scout Cookie Shot, and Thanks Badge 3 - to better understand the Girl Scout Cocktail Suitcase quilt

But it is her Mother of Girl Scouting quilt that will explain her generosity.

I am a Girl Scout and list some of my Girl Scout posts in another entry. The most recent post was about Girl Scout councils twittering.


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