July 2, 2009

Updated: month brings new price for Oregonian, hellos and goodbyes for Grand Rapids Press

Twitter reaction was swift and sour to a July 1 price increase for the Oregonian bought at the box or in the store. The price went up a 25 cents, now requiring a $1 weekdays.

Oregon Media Central compared similar sized newspapers and prices charged.

At least this Advance Publications community gets to keep a daily newspaper.

Meanwhile, back in Michigan, a Grand Rapids Press sports writer plead guilty in a case involving him growing marijuana at home. Dave Mayo will get his job back as a sports writer. At least one Grand Rapids radio station reported that publisher Dan Gaydou will write about the handling of the case on Sunday. (Update: The reporter is writing the column).

Gaydou is quoted in a story by the Grand Rapids Press, saying:
"Dave Mayo will return to work at The Press next week after answering to the court regarding the legal complaints made against him."

There also was a sendoff Tuesday for 11 reporters and columnists at that Grand Rapids paper.

Free From Editors also posted a short piece on the sendoff and sports writer.

The hello would be for Paul Keep, who left his publisher/editor role at the nearby Muskegon Chronicle for the editor's job at the Press. That move and the retirement of the longtime editor Mike Lloyd were blogged earlier.

On a personal note, my daughter's opinion on insurance and cancer is back on the Obama site after being missing for five days. Just one more surprise in a string of surprises.

Have a great day. I'm back on the road for much of today.

(Updated at 7:30 a.m. with links and a few details)


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