April 13, 2009

Why eye am quiet for now

The image you see may explain why I'm quiet right now and likely to remain so for awhile. It's not my eye. It is my daughter's eye and she says it doesn't hurt.

I don't totally agree with her version of events - seems like her mom's nagging had a bit more to do with the decisions then it might sound like it here. But she did see a doctor on Friday; she did go to the emergency room on Saturday, and she bought some facemasks. So, I don't have to be right on the way things came together :)

On Friday, her dad learned why you can't just wait in the waiting room when someone with "chemo brain" sees the doctor.

On Saturday, my daughter and I stayed in touch throughout the 22 hours she and her dad spent at the University of Michigan. Service for his phone was intermittant. But my daughter and I exchanged 150 or so txt messages before her battery died Saturday night. The txting kept me informed and gave me the chance to ask questions or remind her what to tell the doctor from a nice, safe distance. (I had the fever on Saturday, not Katie.)

An observant nurse noticed her trying to avoid germs in the hall, got her a face mask and arranged a private space with a door so that helped a lot.

UM also has set up part of its emergency room as a mini hospital, where patients can stay for up to 24 hours. It's an area for folks that are not sick enough for the hospital, but need observation or some care that can't be done outside the place. In Katie's case, that was four IVs of antibiotics.

I'll return with her to the University of Michigan on Tuesday to see the oncologist, maybe chemo and another ophthalmology exam.

The good news is:
  • It is merely an eye infection and not the version of cellulitis I had.
  • I've got a few more quotes for my "What doctors should never say" presentation
  • She's actually got facemasks in the house and vows to wear them in crowds.
There's also a chance that both my husband and her will learn to be prepared, taking chargers, granola bars and a few other items the next time they head for a "quick trip" to the ER.

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