April 14, 2009

Hotel, Gannett dropping newspapers, but Advance keeping one

Editor & Publisher shared more evidence that newspapers are on the way out. The Marriott says demand is down so it will no longer automatically deliver free newspapers to patrons.

I'm sure it was unplanned, but I liked that the same E&P page linked to a piece over about retro-language scaring away young readers. Ralph Keyes 'splains it all in Eddie Haskell and Howard Beale -- Go Home! Journos Are Alienating Readers With 'Retro' References

It's a good reminder why we need to check lists like this one that reminds us GenNexters have never lived without cellphones, wireless Internet or Starbucks.

I read this this next piece elsewhere on the web, but E&P really deserves the credit for reporting out that the Jersey Journal will remain open for now. The publisher said the Advance Publication met its financial goals and will keep publishing.

The new executive editor of FlintSagBay news organization announced three women will fill the top editor position at each of the original publications. A community editor will lead the troops at the Bay City Times, the Flint Journal and The Saginaw News.

The director of the journalism program at the University of Michigan-Flint comments on the coming changes in Flint in the Michigan Daily. Surprisingly, he doesn't mention what a lousy year the university chose to start the new program.

One last journalism note and then off to bed as I have a long day lined up Tuesday. Five more newspapers in Michigan are closing. That will lead to 44 layoffs. There are plans, however, for a new Sunday-only newspaper in southeastern Michigan.


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